VeraSprite™ has developed the ability to create a photo-realistic moving likeness of an individual that looks and speaks as they do. VeraSprite's technology creates a photo-realistic likeness, a VeraSprite, of a spokesperson, professional or an ordinary human being. After creating their VeraSprite once, the spokesperson need only use his or her voice to create new messages. The person's voice is automatically coordinated with his or her own moving image.

With VeraSprite, sponsors can transmit a spokesperson in a moving, life-like, audio-visual message along with background graphics and slides directly to mobile devices. In addition, sponsors may embed quizzes or links to their websites in their VeraSprite message. Unlike text based messages, VeraSprite gives sponsors an easy, highly personalized, multimedia way to communicate with specialized audiences.

Although VeraSprite technology is platform agnostic, we have special expertise in mobile applications. Currently, VeraSprites play multimedia shows on tablets, mobile phones and Apple Watches (Android Wear is now in development.), the only application thus far to successfully generate natural speaking images of people on a watch. VeraSprite messages can post to social media environments such as FaceBook and Twitter.

AvaWorks, Inc. is a privately held Santa Monica based company doing business as VeraSprite™. VeraSprite owns patented technology enabling transmission of photo-realistic moving images to mobile devices.



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